Oct 19, 2017

Sing, Unburied, Sing By Jesmyn Ward *LISA'S Review


Sing, Unburied, Sing ***                  LISA'S Review
By Jesmyn Ward

The book Title and cover art kind of threw me. It wasn't until I had read the book that I understood the relationship of the story/title/cover art. I wasn't a big fan of the cover. I can imagine many better cover art designs that would, in my opinion, have drawn the readers eyes and had them grabbing this book off the shelves. The cover is the reason for only 3 star rating.

I did enjoy reading this book. The characters are well defined and there is a strength to each character. The story is set in the MS Delta and Coastal regions. The author's very poetic descriptions of MS is thick with visual imagery. Readers will see the fields, the trees, the beautiful coastal areas – and you will almost break a sweat visualizing that thick, humid and unrelenting heat of the MS Delta that is typical of a MS summer.

The story seems to be set (to me) in the 1970s. The story tells of a young black girl, her white boyfriend and their 2 bi-racial children. It includes the racism of decades ago, the harsh truth of drug addiction, poverty, and the increasingly more common situation of grandparents raising their grand children.

The book delves deeply into the legends, folklore and strong spiritual and cultural beliefs of the South which includes the belief in “gifts” of psychic abilities that may be inherited by a few. And ghosts, don't forget the strong belief in ghosts and spirits. The 'grandmother' in the story was a “healer” and seems to have practiced something similar (if not in fact) voodoo.

If you like paranormal/ghost stories mixed in with a strong Southern cultural..... here's your book.